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LifeSpan Vision Ventures Invests in EpiBone

Norwalk, CT - April 12, 2023 - LifeSpan Vision Ventures today announced an investment in EpiBone. EpiBone is a regenerative medicine company that is developing technology to create living bone and cartilage grafts from mesenchymal stem cells in vitro for use in orthopedic repair. The Company hopes to commercially launch its bone graft product with its first therapeutic application, for craniomaxillofacial repair, in the next two years. Longer-term EpiBone expects to launch its cartilage products for use in joints like the knee.

Andrew Worden, Founding Partner of LifeSpan Vision Ventures, stated, “Our investment in EpiBone is within our mission foci of using advanced tech to treat diseases of aging. The Company has started tackling a beachhead market in facial repair, and in the future hopes to focus on aging related joint wear, commonly seen in places like the knee. EpiBone’s current focus is on bone and cartilage indications, but their platform technology has great promise for repair throughout the body. We are excited to support such a talented team of pioneers in the biotechnology space, and look forward to seeing how they fundamentally change the landscape of orthopedic repair.”

About EpiBone

EpiBone, Inc. is privately-held clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on skeletal reconstruction. Sitting at the intersection of biology and engineering, the company harnesses the power of cells to create living solutions that can become a seamless part of a patient’s body. EpiBone is currently developing a pipeline of bone, cartilage, and compound (bone and cartilage) products.

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About LifeSpan Vision Ventures

LifeSpan Vision Ventures invests in companies that develop diagnostics and therapeutics focusing on longevity and aging reversal.


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