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LifeSpan Vision Ventures Invests in Rejuvenation Technologies

Norwalk, CT – October 11, 2023 – LifeSpan Vision Ventures today announced it has invested in Rejuvenation Technologies, an early-stage biotech company developing mRNA therapies to address aging and age-related diseases. Rejuvenation Technologies is developing a pipeline focused on telomere extension, including a lead program using telomerase mRNA to treat pulmonary fibrosis. The company has shown strong preclinical efficacy and received FDA feedback at an INTERACT meeting. Rejuvenation Technologies has an experienced team and board, with their co-founders trained at Stanford University and bringing over 20 years of mRNA experience.

Jordan B. Burton, Scientific Analyst at LifeSpan Vision Ventures, said: “Rejuvenation Technologies’ approach of using telomere extension to restore tissue regenerative capacity is highly innovative. We believe mRNA delivery of telomerase has significant advantages over other modalities targeting this pathway. Rejuvenation Technologies has made great progress, and we are pleased to support the team as they advance this technology into the clinic."

About Rejuvenation Technologies

Rejuvenation Technologies is developing mRNA therapeutics to address aging biology and related diseases. The company was founded by researchers from Stanford University and has offices in Palo Alto, CA.

For more information, please visit: Rejuvenation Technologies

About LifeSpan Vision Ventures

LifeSpan Vision Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in companies developing diagnostics and therapeutics related to longevity, aging reversal, and age-related diseases. Based in Norwalk, CT, LifeSpan partners with visionary entrepreneurs working on cutting-edge science.


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