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“Let’s aim for helping people to live much longer than we can today. And if we only end up helping them live really well for a long time that will be great too.”
- Andrew Worden


Our Mission

Lifespan Vision Ventures invests in companies that develop diagnostics and therapeutics focusing on longevity and aging reversal. 

​Our goal is to enable healthy, strong, and vibrant human lifespan past 120 years.

Our primary foci are joints, heart, skin, and muscles.


Value Add

  • Deep understanding of science and technology. 

  • Ability to lead or participate in founding, seed, angel, early and mid-stage investment rounds.

  • Strong financial market contacts for obtaining working capital needed through bank lines, follow on equity and debt financings and public offerings.

  • Management has proven entrepreneurial business ability to found and lead startups that demonstrate rapid and successful growth.

  • Relationships with a wide variety of academics, professionals, and institutions allow LifeSpan to bring parties together for collaboration and to create synergy between these different parties. This can accelerate development timelines and allow for new possibilities to be uncovered.

Our Founder and CEO: Andrew Worden



Through his business ventures, Mr. Worden has gained unique insights on how to scale businesses rapidly and successfully. Mr. Worden has decades of experience in launching, managing, planning, analyzing, and investing with public and private companies, especially within the cleantech markets. Mr. Worden has a proven combination of understanding science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Worden founded GameChange Solar in 2012 with the vision to make solar energy become the lowest cost technology for electricity generation globally. In order to do this, Mr. Worden grew GameChange Solar by improving technology and leveraging massive scale manufacturing to aggressively cost reduce its systems and substantially reduce the total cost of solar power plants. GameChange Solar has grown from a startup in 2012 to become a global leader with over $1 billion in profitable sales in 2022. Solar energy is now among the lowest cost for electricity generation in most world markets.

In 2010, Prior to GameChange Solar, Mr. Worden founded Soltas Energy to develop and own solar power plants. This company built ten solar power plants, which were then successfully sold by 2014.

Prior to 2010, Mr. Worden has decades of experience as an investor primarily with Barron Partners LP, which was a global long-only investment partnership. While managing Barron Partners LP,
Mr. Worden oversaw investments in over 170 companies globally in multiple industries. Many of these companies were either public or private companies which later became public. The investments in each company ranged up to $15 million each.


Mr. Worden was the General Partner of Barron and ultimately the largest investor as well. Mr. Worden changed his primary focus from investments to renewable energy starting with Soltas Energy and then with GameChange Solar.

In addition, Mr. Worden is the founder and serves as a director of the Barron Charitable Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in need.

He has also established and funded Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, The Andrew Barron Worden SEAS Dean’s Innovation Fund, which is dedicated to funding scientific research in the areas of cleantech, AI, medical, and others.


Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
Education: Graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical Sciences. He also studied engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and finance and marketing at MIT’s Sloan School of Business as a cross-enrolled undergraduate while at Harvard.



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