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LifeSpan Vision Ventures

Lifespan Vision Ventures invests in companies that develop diagnostics and therapeutics focusing on longevity and aging reversal.


Marble Therapeutic

Marble Therapeutics is a biotechnology company with an overarching goal to pioneer real-world rejuvenation and enhancement products through a first-in-kind causal inference understanding of nonlinear dynamics in biology. Marble’s rejuvenation technologies are designed to solve barriers in dermatology, immuno-oncology, and broadly regenerative medicine.


Rejuvenate Bio

Rejuvenate Bio is a spinout from the Wyss Institute at Harvard focused on reversing aging and eliminating age-related disease. Rejuvenate Bio utilizes gene therapy, proprietary targets, and tools to bring treatments to patients suffering from age-related conditions. The company is developing a pipeline of therapies with applications in cardiac and metabolic disease.

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