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Deciduous Therapeutics

Deciduous Therapeutics is developing novel immunotherapies that activate the body's immune system to target and eliminate pathogenic senescent cells, offering promising treatments for age-related diseases and overall improvements in health-span.



EpiBone, Inc. is a privately-held clinical-stage regenerative medicine company focused on skeletal reconstruction. Sitting at the intersection of biology and engineering, the company harnesses the power of cells to create living solutions that can become a seamless part of a patient’s body. EpiBone is currently developing a pipeline of bone, cartilage, and compound (bone and cartilage) products.


Fauna Bio

Fauna Bio is a first-of-its-kind biotech company that studies the protective genotypes across extreme biology to develop new therapies to improve human health and lifespan. Fauna Bio utilizes its drug discovery platform, Convergence™, to directly link extreme biological traits in mammals to human disease in a way that is scalable and high throughput. The company is currently pursuing initial discovery programs in various stages of development across pulmonary fibrosis, neuronal metabolism, obesity, and cardiac damage.


Marble Therapeutic

Marble Therapeutics is a biotechnology company with an overarching goal to pioneer real-world rejuvenation and enhancement products through a first-in-kind causal inference understanding of nonlinear dynamics in biology. Marble’s rejuvenation technologies are designed to solve barriers in dermatology, immuno-oncology, and broadly regenerative medicine.


Rejuvenate Bio

Rejuvenate Bio is a spinout from the Wyss Institute at Harvard focused on reversing aging and eliminating age-related disease. Rejuvenate Bio utilizes gene therapy, proprietary targets, and tools to bring treatments to patients suffering from age-related conditions. The company is developing a pipeline of therapies with applications in cardiac and metabolic disease.

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