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Lifespan Vision Ventures Launched to Focus on Longevity and Aging Reversal

Norwalk, CT – April 5, 2022 – LifeSpan Vision Ventures announced today the formation of the company with the goal of founding and investing in companies focused on longevity and aging reversal diagnostics and therapeutics. Recent scientific and technological advances have paved the way for rapid advancements in diagnostics and therapeutics for longevity and aging reversal. LifeSpan Vision Ventures' mission is to selectively invest in and found businesses that will quickly commercialize these products, bringing life-changing benefits to humanity. The company's mission is to not only develop cures for diseases associated with aging but also address the underlying causes of aging.

About LifeSpan Vision Ventures

LifeSpan Vision Ventures is an investment partnership with an operational focus which founds and invests in companies focused on longevity and aging reversal oriented diagnostics and therapeutics.


LifeSpan Vision Ventures


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